7-11 June 2022

Great Stone Industrial Park


International Specialized Exhibition "PRODMASH.HOLOD.UPAK"

Equipment and Technologies for Food Industry
Cold and Ventilation

07.06.22 - 11.06.22

Venue: Great Stone Industrial Park

How to Get

Organizer: MinskExpo, JSC (Belarus)

Co-organizer: IFWexpo (Germany)

Support and participation:
Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs of the Republic of Belarus
Publishing House «Food industry»
Association of microclimate and cold industry enterprises (APIMH)
Concern “Belgospishcheprom”

Equipment and technologies for Food Industry, International Specialized Exhibition 

Exhibition profile:

  • automation of food and drinks production ;
  • control devices;
  • water conditioning and supply, water penetration;
  • ingredients, spices, food additives;
  • components, installations and materials for food industry;
  • laboratory equipment and instruments;
  • leasing and other services;
  • equipment for growing, keeping, processing of mushrooms;
  • pumps, pumping equipment;
  • food production sanitation and hygiene, cleaning equipment;
  • transport and storage equipment;
  • baking and confectionary equipment;
  • electric equipment
  • storage and industrial logistic
  • food production safety, quality control
  • producing liquid and viscous products, filling and containers;

Equipment for :

  • dairy industry , meat, poultry, fish and seafood processing;
  • vegetable, fruit and egg processing;
  • food raw material processing;
  • producing liquid and viscous products, filling and containers;
  • equipment and technologies for food processing. 

Cold and Ventilation, International Specialized Exhibition 

Exhibition profile:

  • refrigerating equipment and technologies:
    - industrial refrigerating machines and installations;
    - refrigerating equipment for shops, supermarkets;
    - installations and special components for refrigerating equipment;
    - spare parts, components, after-sales service equipment, tools for refrigerating machinery;
    - designing, computation selection of refrigerating equipment for food industry and sale; 
  • cooling and deep friezing equipment;
  • ice generators;
  • heat insulating materials and structure;
  • heat pumps;
  • instrumentation, automation and control systems;
  • ventilation and air-conditioning systems;
  • accessory materials, spare parts and tools for refrigerating and conditioning equipment;
  • designing, delivery, assembling, start-up and adjustment work, after-sales service of refrigerating equipment and air-conditioners;
  • energy-saving technologies;
  • specialized publications.

Information Support: Microclimate and Cold, Magazine

Interpack, International Specialized Exhibition 

Exhibition profile:

  • packaging machinery and equipment;
  • filling, dosing and packing machines;
  • corking machines;
  • machines for labeling, decoration and coding;
  • machines for washing, sterilizing, cooling and drying;
  • group and transit packaging machines;
  • machines for scanning, controlling, marking, counting, weighing and coding integrated in packaging line;
  • filling and sealing machines;
  • cardboard manufacture and processing machines;
  • film manufacturing machines;
  • extrusion blowing machines for marking PE, PP, PVC, PET bottles an containers;
  • raw material and semi-products for packing industry;
  • secondary packing, material for its production;
  • label produce, design in label industry.

Co-events: “FOOD INDUSTRY” International forum.

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Tatiana Lukashova 
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